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TouchDown HighTech Syngenta

Touchdown HiTech

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Selective Herbicide

Touchdown HiTech 50% soluble concentrate.


Innovative formula to eliminate all kinds of annual weed in fruit orchards.

Touchdown HiTech 50% is a systemic herbicide that moves within the vascular bundles of weeds. It is not selective and is used after weed growth to eliminate different kinds of weed (annual grass weeds, broad-leaved perennial weeds).

Touchdown HiTech 50% is a soluble concentrate that contains 500 grams of Glyphosate per liter in a new formula as it quickly penetrates the tissues of harmful weeds. Glyphosate systemically moves inside all parts of the weed plant to quickly reach growth areas in a way that results in the complete control of all types of fruit orchard weeds.

Active components: Glyphosate

Touchdown HiTech:

  • A modern formula that achieves quick and efficient weed elimination.
  • Does not leave residue in the soil.
  • Safe for farm animals and environmentally friendly.
  • Systemic (non-elective) compound.



Your use of Touchdown HiTech:

  • Eliminates all types of annual grass weed and annual broadleaf weed.
  • Rapid absorption and tissue penetration.
  • Does not cause water and soil contamination.
  • Fits the needs of exporters.


Local recommendations:

Registered with the Ministry of Agriculture under number (1181)




Rate of use

Pre-harvest period

Stone-core fruit

Broad- and narrow-leaved annual weeds



10 days


Broad- and narrow-leaved annual weeds


10 days

Note: Three days after spraying touchdown HiTech, harmful weeds gradually die. Leaves become yellow then dry out. Finally, weeds are completely eliminated within 10-15 days of treatment.

Please read the package label carefully before use.