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Axial Syngenta


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Selective Herbicide

Axial 5% herbicide 

                                   Eliminates the annual weed that accompanies wheat crop.  


Axial 5% herbicide in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate. It contains 50 grams per liter of the active component Pinoxaden. When used according to the information card, it eliminates annual grass weed such as wild oat, phalaris and ryegrass in wheat crop.

 Active component: Pinoxaden



  • Unique in its chemical group.
  • Flexible in use reaching 60 days after planting.
  • Broad range and definite effectiveness. 
  • Safe for harvest. 
  • Fully absorbed after 30 mins of spraying.



Your use of Axial:

  • Fights all annual grass weed that has acquired resistance to other traditional herbicides and have become difficult to eliminate.
  • Only one dose is sprayed and thus reduces costs.
  • Fights all annual weed grasses, especially wild oat and ryegrass.
  • Safe crop for consumers.
  • It is suitable for rainy weather and pivot cultivation.
  • Fits the needs of exporters.


Local recommendations Registered with the Ministry of Agriculture under number (2504)



Rate of use

Pre-harvest period


Annual grass weed

500 cm3/feddan

90 days


Annual grass weed

500 cm3/feddan

90 days


Spray within the 15 days following the first wheat crop irrigation

Important notice: It is advised not to use Axial with hard durum wheat used for pasta.

Please read the package label carefully before use.