Our Partners

In Syngenta Egypt, we are committed to working closely with our customers and we continuously encourage an open, transparent dialogue yielding key insights into how we can best work together as partners to generate advantage that creates opportunity, delivers impact and paves the way for future success.

Trade Channels

Syngenta in Egypt has long standing relationships with major distributors and retailers who share our focus on providing innovation and service to the grower. We work in close partnership together, constantly exploring better, faster and more effective and innovative ways to support and build product sales with a clear focus on customer oriented performance.  


Our close contact with growers and the trade channels goes beyond the promotion of our products. We are committed to working closely with them and to constantly serving them better with targeted, integrated crop management solutions, with solid advice and high quality field services that will positively and significantly impact their yield protection, crop enhancement and quality improvement whilst pushing their business growth forward.

We encourage growers to use our products appropriately in conjunction with sustainable farming practices and provide them with industry-leading training on how to dose and apply products in an efficient and responsible way to ensure human and environmental safety.

Industry Consultants

We also maintain good relationships with agricultural consultants and professional agronomists who share our commitment to sustainable innovation in agriculture and who play a significant role in the future development of agriculture in Egypt.

As part of our Corporate Responsibility, we train growers and the trade channels to use our products safely, effectively and responsibly. We focus particularly on four key areas:

- Sound packaging and clear labeling

- Secure transport and storage

- Safe and effective spraying

- Responsible disposal of containers and obsolete stocks