Our Products

With our broad range of highly innovative, safe and efficient crop protection products, we help growers improve the yields, health and quality of their crops.

Helping crops reach their potential

Our insecticides and fungicides protect the crop from insects and disease, and improve plant vigor. Our herbicides control weeds which can reduce yields through competition for nutrients, water and light.

Syngenta’s world leading seed care technology helps plants in their critical growth stage to develop strong roots – the basis for a healthy crop and high yields.

Modern chemical technologies also help plants to reduce yield losses during periods of drought or heat.

Straight Answers

What do different crop protection products do?

Fungicides protect plants from fungal diseases like blight or mildew.

Insecticidescontrol insect pests like aphids. As well as keeping crops healthy, insecticides are used to combat disease spreading insects such as ticks.

Herbicidesremove weeds which compete with a farmer’s crops for important nutrients, light and water.


Fungicides prevent and fight fungal attacks on crops. They play a crucial role to


Weeds compete for resources such as nutrients, water and light. Without weed control



Insecticides provide protection from pest that threaten crop quality

Seed Care

Seed treatments are chemical or biological substances or physical processes applied