Our Code of Conduct

The Syngenta Code of Conduct sets out clearly the standards that different stakeholders expect from Syngenta on a range of relevant and important issues. It is part of our compliance framework and demonstrates our commitment to building and maintaining trust in Syngenta and to integrating our business, social and environmental responsibilities in everything we do.


As an industry leader, we take our responsibilities very seriously. We are transparent and responsible and comply with all applicable laws, and ensure that employees are aware of those laws relevant to their roles. We fully support national and international legislation aimed at creating free and fair global trade.

Business Integrity

We always maintain the highest standards of fairness, honesty and integrity. This earns us the trust of our stakeholders and protects our reputation. Through this, we can take great pride in how we conduct our business and our contribution to society, and we encourage all employees to lead by example.


We strive to make a positive contribution to society and listen to respond to people's concerns. As an industry leader, we can be proud of the way we treat our company, our colleagues and society.

Science, Products and Property Rights

We provide innovative, reliable, high quality products and have safeguards to protect stakeholders and the environment. The creativity of our people provides products which help growers meet the global challenges to agriculture.


Our employees play a fundamental role in our performance as a business. We ensure our diversity policies provide fair treatment for all employees and we aim for the highest, internationally acknowledged benchmarks of fairness, honesty and integrity.