Syngenta Crop Protection

With our broad range of safe and efficient crop protection products, we improve crop yields and health in all stages of plant development.

  • Our insecticides and fungicides protect the crop from insects and disease, and improve plant vigor. Our herbicides control weeds which can reduce yields through competition for nutrients, water and light. Modern chemical technologies also help plants to reduce yield losses during periods of drought or heat.
  • We realize of course that having the right product is only part of an effective crop management program. Having access to appropriate and timely information is critical to using crop protection products in the best way and to maximize the growers' yield potential.
  • As such our offer is always supported by a highly skilled in-field sales force who offer growers integrated customer-tailored crop management solutions. This helps to increase their agricultural productivity as well as improve the health and quality of their crops. We also provide industry leading training on how to dose and apply products in an efficient and responsible way to ensure human and environmental safety.