KAHA Research Station

KAHA Research Station forms an important part of the chain of field stations that Syngenta operates around the world. It also occupies a key and leading location in the Global Field Station Network.

Our Research Station

KAHA Research Station is one of Syngenta's unique Research facilities in Africa and

Our R&D Activities

Key activities on the site include research into new product leads as well as

Facts & Figures

Key facts & figures about KAHA Research Station and its on-site facilities.

Syngenta has a deep understanding of plants based on many decades of research and development.  With around 5000 employees in R&D globally, Syngenta continues to search for new and improved ways of meeting food production challenges.  

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KAHA Research Station

Tel.: +20 0132 600 407
Fax: +20 0132 600 808

P.O.Box 135  Code 12311  

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