KAHA Research Station

Syngenta operates a modern, state of the art Research Station in KAHA, Kalyubiya province, 30 km North of Cairo. The site was founded in 1974 and today employs more than 100 technical and support staff.

KAHA Research Station forms an important part of the chain of field stations that Syngenta operates around the world and is considered one of Syngenta's unique Research facilities in Africa and the Middle East. It also occupies a key and leading location in the Global Field Station Network. 

KAHA Research Station is a collaborative venture where Egyptian and Swiss experts work side by side, pooling together their highly advanced know-how and technical expertise for the benefit of the Egyptian agriculture.

Why in KAHA ?

A number of considerations prompted the location of the station in KAHA, including uniform soil and excellent climatic conditions which permit the cultivation of annual subtropical crops in summer, annual temperate crops in winter and perennial crops such as citrus and mango. Another decisive factor was a long and fruitful association between Egyptian and Swiss scientists active in the field of agriculture who unanimously agreed on the strategic location of KAHA.