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Selective Herbicide

53.75% Emulsion suspension 

The most effective herbicide against Convolvulus and jimson weed in the sugar cane crop. 


Lumax is a selective herbicide containing three active components. It is used before weed germination and is the most efficient in the control of Convolvulus and jimson weed in the sugar cane crop. 


Active components: Misotrine - S Mitochlorine - Terbutylsine




  • Protects the sugar cane crop against weed competition which other herbicides cannot resist.
  • Eliminates weeds, especially Convolvulus and jimson weed.
  • Completely reduces fungal and insect infections 



Your use of Lumax: 

  • Easy to use and safe for the sugarcane crop, farmers and for the environment. 
  • Increases crop productivity and quality 
  • Fits the needs of exporters. 



Local recommendations: 

Registered with the Ministry of Agriculture under number 2304. 




Pre-harvest period 

Amount of spraying solution 

Rate of Usage 



60 days 

The herbicide is sprayed directly after planting, followed by irrigation 

200-300 l/feddan 

1.7 l/feddan in treatment 

Broad and narrow-leaved annual weeds 

Sugar cane  


Note: Treatment using Lumax is to be carried out directly after planting (before weed germination) and immediately after dawn, provided the soil contains a bit of humidity. Irrigation is to be performed 48 hours after treatment. 


Please read the package label carefully before use.