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Reglone Syngenta


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Selective Herbicide

Reglone 200 water soluble concentrate 

For a guaranteed harvest, it is the strongest vegetable growth dryer for potatoes at harvest. 


Regulon contains 20% Dichromate. It is used to dry the total active vegetation of several crops before harvest, including potatoes, to facilitate the process of harvesting.

Regulon acts on contact upon spraying on the potato vegetables at the end of the growing season before harvest when the size of the tuber reaches the desired marketing size. 

 Active components: Dipromate Dichromate




  • Works upon contact to dry the vegetative total. 
  • Quickly absorbed inside the tissue. 
  • Highly effective on potato crop. 
  • Flexible in application and safe for the environment and the soil. 
  • One application before harvest. 



Your use of Regulon: 

  • Ease of harvest and protection of the tubers. 
  • Prevent the transfer of disease to the tubers. 
  • Easy to use with various spraying equipment. 
  • Does not affect subsequent crops. 
  • Gives the tubers resilience and high quality. 
  • Fits the needs of exporters.




Local recommendations: 

Registered with the Ministry of Agriculture under number (1254). 



Pre-harvest period 

Rate of use 



10 days  

1.5 l/feddan + 200 l water/feddan 

10-15 days before harvest 

Dry the vegetation before harvest. 



Observe to completely cover the total potato vegetation with the spraying solution, while keeping in mind to avoid spraying in unsuitable weather conditions where needed and according to the high crop plant density. A second treatment should be performed five days following the first spraying, provided to only spray areas where the total vegetation has not dried yet. 


Please read the package label carefully before use.