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Selective Herbicide

Traxos 5% emulsifiable concentrate 

Your guarantee for the elimination of grass weeds in wheat. 


Traxos permeates the leaf tissues inside grass weeds where it completely stops their growth.


Within 48 hours of spraying, symptoms appear on the treated weeds after a period that dependon prevailing weather conditions and the type of treated weeds. The death of internodes and growth areas in weeds is more pronounced. Small leaves show symptoms in the beginning in the form of yellowing. The leaves then turn into non-living tissue. 


 Active components: Clodinafop-Propargyl - Pinoxaden



  • Unique among its group of chemicals. 
  • Flexible application.
  • Wide range and proven effectiveness. 
  • Safe for the harvest. 


Your use of Traxos: 

  • Fights all annual grass weeds that have become resistant to other traditional herbicides. 
  • Easier to use and reduces costs. 
  • Fights all other traditional weeds. 
  • Easier to use and reduces costs. 
  • It fights all annual grass weeds, especially wild oatryegrassand phalaris. 
  • A safe crop for consumers. 
  • Fits the needs of exporters. 


Local recommendations: 

Registered with the Ministry of Agriculture under number (2484) 






Rate of Use 

Pre-harvest period 


Annual grass weeds 

500 cm3/feddan 

90 days 

Please read the package label carefully before use.