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Fusilade Max

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Selective Herbicide

12.5% emulsifiable concentrate  

Advanced formula to eliminate annual and perennial grass weeds in broad-leaved crops 


Fusilade Max 

Systemic, selective herbicide to fight grass weeds in broad-leaved vegetable and field crops. 


                                                                      Active component: Fluazifop


Fusilade Max 

  • When sprayed, it is quickly absorbed by the grass weed leaves and move into the wood and pulp vascular bundles. 
  • This is followed by a halt in the growth of grass weeds within 48 hours.
  • The weeds don’t show any symptoms during the first period. However, the peaks are in a state of death due to the halt in nutrition or water absorption. Thus, the weed color changes to yellow. A week later the symptoms of gradual death start to show on new leaves and peaks. Leaf color gradually turns to dark brown within two to three weeks. 



Your use of Fusilade Max: 

  • It eliminates grass weeds in general, whether annual or perennial in broad-leaved crops. 
  • Annual weeds: Wild oat -  echinochloa colona -  Echinochloa crusgalli -  Hashisha Al-Arnab  - ryegrass -  Al-Gazone – Phalaris -  Dail Al-Far – cat tail.
  • Perennial weeds: Al-Nagil Al-Baladi -  Nagil Madad Al-Madid -  Hashisha Al-Faras 

    Suits exporter needs.

  • Fits the needs of exporters. ​


Note: There should be a percentage of soil humidity when applying the product. In other words, weeds should not be thirsty. 


Local recommendations: 

Registered with the Ministry of Agriculture under number 1156. 




Pre-harvest period 

Rate of usage 



Safe for the harvest 

1.5 liters/feddan 

Weed grass in general (annual, perennial) 


Safe for the harvest 

1.5 liters/feddan 

Weed grass in general (annual, perennial) 



Please read the package label carefully before use.