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Topik Syngenta


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Selective Herbicide

Topik 15% wettable powder 

Your best choice to eliminate wild oat and annual grass weeds in wheat.



Topik eliminates annual grass weeds as it is absorbed through the leaves within hours of spraying. 

Its impact on annual grass weeds starts showing after 48 hours of spraying. The full effect takes place with the yellowing and wilting then death within two to three weeks. 

 Active components: Clodinafop Propargyl




  • An effective selective, systemic compound 
  • Prepared and mixed with a safe substance 
  • Used at low doses 
  • Completely safe to spray. Effective within a month of the First irrigation ( breaking fasting ). 


Your use of Topik: 


  • Eliminates annual grass weeds in wheat. 
  • Completely safe to use with all kinds of wheat.
  • Has no lasting effect on the soil and does not harm successive crops. 
  • Does not require a long safety period before the crop is gathered. 
  • Fits all farmers. 


Local recommendations: Registered with the Ministry of Agriculture under number (690) 


Pre-harvest period 

Rate of use 



Safe for the harvest 

140 grams/feddans through spraying within one month of the first irrigation 


Annual grass weeds (Om El-ShaarAl-Kirdwild oat – ryegrassPhalaris - echinochloa colona - Cat tail - Echinochloa crusgalli)


Please read the package label carefully before use.