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Celest 100 FS Syngenta

Celest 100 FS

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Seed Care

The Standard in Crop Safety, Efficacy and User Safety in the Fungicide Seed Treatment

CELEST® is a water-based, low dosage rate seed treatment fungicide, which is often used as a first step in fungal management programs.

CELEST® treats a variety of seeds including potato, wheat and maize. It ensures the seed's emergence by cleaning and protecting the outside of the seed from 'invasion' by harmful fungal disease. This breaks the cycle of the various diseases and paves the way for healthy crop growth. The result is no crop loss and a higher marketable yield.


Active Ingredient:



Flowable Concentrate for Seed Treatment

Mode of Action:

CELEST® contains the broad spectrum seed treatment fungicide fludioxonil as its active ingredient.

Fludioxonil belongs to the chemical class of pheylpyrroles, which has been derived from a natural antimycotic compound isolated from a soil bacterium.

CELEST® is characterized with its broad activity and unique mode of action. It interferes with transport mechanism in fungal cells interacting at various points in the lifecycle of the fungus i.e. conidial germination, germ tube and mycelial growth.

Main Benefits of Using CELEST®:

CELEST® controls fungal diseases resistant to other chemical groups such as benzimidazoles. 

CELEST® is the best available control of Michrodochium, Fusarium and bunt.

CELEST® gives an excellent start to the crop as germination is secured.

CELEST® is safe to humans and the environment (reduced risk classification by the US Environmental Protection Agency)

CELEST® is fully compatible with other high value seed treatment products such as CRUISER, DIVIDEND and APRON. 

Local Recommendation: 




LOCAL PHI (days)

Potato Black Cortex 200ml / 1 ton seeds Safe at Harvest