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Using Natural Resources Responsibly

Agriculture is facing a major challenge: growers must produce higher yields with limited natural resources. Through our products and technology, we help to make efficient and responsible use of these resources.

Growers must produce higher yields on existing farmland, prevent further loss of fertile land to soil erosion, and find innovative ways to make use of land that could not previously sustain crops. At the same time, they must optimize water usage and energy consumption. The only way to meet this challenge is to make more efficient use of the limited resources available – water, soil and land.

Syngenta products are helping growers meet all these challenges. The intensification of agriculture using crop protection and seeds technologies is enabling farmers to meet global demand for food without expanding into precious natural habitats.

Syngenta’s diversified product range facilitates sustainable farming practices essential to prevent degradation of valuable natural resources. They help to prevent soil erosion, water depletion and loss of biodiversity that could compromise future productivity.