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Topik Syngenta

Topik 15 WP

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Selective Herbicide

Reliable Grass Control with Superior Crop Tolerance 

Topik® is a very efficient herbicide for the post-emergence control of grasses in wheat. Due to its broad weed spectrum and ability to successfully control grasses under different climatic conditions, Topik® is used in all the cereal markets of the world.


Active Ingredient: clodinafop-propargyl

Formulation: Wettable Powder

Mode of Action:

The active ingredient clodinafop-propargyl and the safener cloquintocet-mexyl are absorbed through he leaves and shoots actively growing plants. They are rapidly translocated in the plants and accumulate in the meristematic tissues.

The achieved result is inhibition of the enzyme acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACC-ase). Within 48 hours after application, susceptible grass species cease to grow. Plant death occurs within 2-3 weeks.


Main Benefits of Using Topik®:

Topik® gives reliable control under varying climatic conditions. The grower can be sure that the product will work even under unfavorable conditions.

Topik® has an extremely broad application spectrum and a superior crop tolerance.

Topik® has a wide window of application for the effective control of advanced weeds allowing the grower more flexibility for time of application.

Topik® has no limitation for crop rotation and therefore offers greater flexibility for follow up crops.

Topik® has an excellent environmental profile and fits very well into an integrated crop management program. Its half-life period in the soil is only a few days, and the potential for leaching is very low.

Topik® is compatible with other pesticides allowing the grower to choose the most effective and lowest-cost partner products.

Local Recommendation:



Wild Oat

(Avena fatua)

140 gm/fed Safe at harvest