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Maxim XL Syngenta

Maxim XL 035 FS

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Seed Care

Modern Fungicide Seed Treatment to Protect Maize Seeds and Seedlings

MAXIM XL® is a safe, water-based flowable formulation with a special surfactant system. Treated seeds have an attractive shiny appearance with  excellent seed flow characteristics.


Active Ingredient:

Fludioxonil + Mefenoxam


Flowable Concentrate for Seed Treatment

Mode of Action:

MAXIM XL® contains the broad spectrum seed treatment fungicide fludioxonil as its active ingredient combined with Mefenoxam. Fludioxonil belongs to the chemical class of pheylpyrroles, which has been derived from a natural antimycotic compound isolated from a soil bacterium.

 MAXIM XL® is characterized with its broad activity and unique mode of action. It interferes with transport mechanism in fungal cells interacting at various points in the lifecycle of the fungus i.e. conidial germination, germ tube and mycelial growth.

Main  Benefits of Using MAXIM XL®:

MAXIM XL®is a modern seed treatment that protects the genetic potential of high value corn/maize seeds. It enjoys global registrations and is therefore a key product for seed multinationals.

MAXIM XL® protects seeds and seedlings for maximum yield.

MAXIM XL® is a non-volatile,dustfree formulation which is important for operator safety and ensures that the treatment remains on the seed.

MAXIM XL® has active ingredients that have been classified as reduced risk by the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) in the USA meaning that they pose less risks to human health and the environment than existing alternatives.

Local Recommendation: 




LOCAL PHI (days)

Maize Root Rot 1 ml / kg Safe at Harvest
Ground nuts Root Rot 1 ml / kg 88 days
Cotton Root Rot 2 ml / kg Safe at Harvest