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TouchDown HighTech Syngenta

Touchdown HiTech 500 SL

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Non-Selective Herbicide

Innovative Herbicide Technology for Total Weed Control

TOUCHDOWN® HiTech is the most innovative solution available today for controlling broad leaf weeds and grasses. It contains glyphosate with the "High Tech" technology: an innovative system for enhancing weed control through quick uptake and distribution in the plant. 

TOUCHDOWN® HiTech  is used to remove all weeds prior to planting the crop and as part of a weed control program in glyphosate tolerant crops.


Active Ingredient: Glyphosate-mono potasium salt

   Formulation: Soluble Concentrate

Mode of Action:

TOUCHDOWN® HiTech contains a unique, enhanced delivery system resulting in a reliably high performance. It can be used at any time and on any crop (including glyphosate-tolerant crops), as required by the grower's weed management program.

"High Tech" technology : Four steps to successful delivery

1. Convenience

- High concentration

- Fully loaded-no wetter to add

- Safe to glyphosate tolerant crops

2. Application

- Could contact with weed

- Effective wetting on surface

- Optimal spreading

- Gentle to leaf surface cells to aid uptake

3. Penetration

- Deposit and cuticle are hydrated to help continual uptake

- Glyphosate moves quickly into leaf.

4. Translocation

- Glyphosate moves into the phloem for transport to the growing points.

- Fully loaded-no wetter to add

- Safe to glyphosate tolerant crops


 Main Benefits of Using TOUCHDOWN® Hi Tech:

TOUCHDOWN® Hi Tech is an effective and ready-to-use solution for non-selective herbicides

TOUCHDOWN® Hi Tech is reliable, flexible and broad spectrum weed control.

TOUCHDOWN® Hi Tech has an environmental profile which supports the preservation of your farm resources (e.g. soil fertility).

TOUCHDOWN® Hi Tech fits your favorite farming program, for example minimum tillage, clearing out perennial crops, post-harvest or pre-harvest programs, etc. 

Local Recommendation:

Orchards Annual Weeds 1.8 L/Feddan 10 days