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Reglone Syngenta

Reglone 200 SL

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Non-Selective Herbicide

Your Powerful Partner for a Quality Harvest

Reglone® is the leading market and most effective & versatile desiccant for potatoes. It speeds up the natural plant dry down process, allowing crops to be harvested quicker, easier and earlier while at the same time maximizing both crop yield and quality.  

Growers who want to have greater control over their harvest treat crops with a desiccant to ensure quick and even dry down. By desiccating when optimum harvest conditions have been reached, growers can control many of the variables that adversely affect quality and yield. 


Active Ingredient:  Diquat dibromide

Formulation:   Soluble Concentrate

Mode of Action:

Reglone® is a non-selective contact herbicide which is absorbed by the foliage.

Reglone® interferes with photosynthesis, the process by which plants use light to grow. This interference causes cell damage, which leads to the desiccation. 

    Main Benefits of Using Reglone®:

Reglone® is your powerful ally for a quality harvest:

- Fast acting and powerful

- Reliable and easy to use

- Preserves crop quality and yield

- Enables you to plan and control harvest timing

- Helps you achieve a successful harvest

Reglone® helps you to achieve quality results:

 - The use of Reglone® allows potatoes to mature more quickly and consequently the development of a thicker tuber skin, resistant to skinning and bruising. Good tuber skin also provides protection against storage diseases.

- The use of Reglone® leads to healthy tubers because of reduced disease transmission (blight).

Reglone® is the harvest aid that puts you in control:

-With Reglone® you do not have to rely exclusively on the drying effect of the sun for crop maturation.

- You can speed up crop maturity, lower moisture levels and clean up profit sapping weeds all in one go, achieving better control of your harvest.

Reglone® is the true desiccant:

- Reglone® is a true desiccant, it is not systemic. It does not move in the plant, thereby preventing chemical residues from entering the seeds.

Reglone® has a high margin of safety for both users and the environment

- Reglone® meets the latest and most stringent regulatory requirements. This has recently been confirmed by the its successful approval in the European Union re-registration process. 

Local Recommendation:

Potato Desiccant 1.5 L/Feddan 10 days