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Vertimec Syngenta

Vertimec 1.8 EC

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Returning to Nature as a Source of Inspiration 

VERTIMEC® is a leading acaricide/insecticide in numerous countries on a wide variety of crops. With its exceptionally low dosage rate, it has a very good fit in IPM/ICM programs, not affecting populations of beneficial insects.

Low residues in harvest fruit and vegetables make it an ideal choice for growers to produce to the highest demand set by the food chain for low residues. 


Active Ingredient:



Emulsifiable Concentrate

Mode of Action:

Abamectin acts mainly by ingestions but also has contact and translaminar activity meaning that the active ingredient passes into the leaf tissue forming a toxic reservoir of Abamectin that continues to kill pests as the feed on the mespphyll tissue. Ingestion of abamectin results in rapid paralysis and subsequent death of insect and mite pests.

Main Benefits of Using VERTIMEC®:

VERTIMEC® gives long residual control of mites with superior performance giving better yield and quality.

VERTIMEC® forms a "insecticide reservoir" in the leaf tissue giving long lasting activity.

VERTIMEC® is an excellent fit into Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs as its low use rates reduces the amount of chemical in the environment.

VERTIMEC® has short PHI and therefore can be used close to harvest with little disruption to harvesting schedules.

VERTIMEC® has low residues and therefore little or no chance of an export being rejected for exceeding the import tolerances.

Local Recommendation: 




LOCAL PHI (days)

Strawberry Red Mite 60ml/100L 7
  1. Remarks: The rate for strawberry is NOT LESS THAN  240 ml product / feddan, regardless of the water spray volume and the sprayer equipment type.

Citrus Citrus Rust Mite 30 ml/100L 10
Cotton Red Mite 40ml/100L 21
Cucumber Red Mite 40ml/100L 7
Potato Red Mite 40ml/100L 14
Soybean Red Mite 40ml/100L 21
Sugar beet Leaf miners 40ml/100L 14
Sweet melon Red Mite 40ml/100L 9
Tomato Red Mite 40ml/100L 14

Remarks: The rate for vegetables and field crops is NOT LESS THAN  160 ml product / feddan, regardless of the water spray volume and the sprayer equipment type.