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Chess 50WG Syngenta

Chess 50 WG

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Immediate Aphid & Whitefly Control

 Chess® provides powerful control against aphids and whiteflies. It delivers immediate crop protection through permanent through permanent feeding inhibition. Its 50 WG formulation provides consistent biological efficacy. It penetrates easily into the plant and ensures excellent rainfastness.

Chess® controls all stages of aphids and the mobile stages of the whiteflies: first nymph instar and adult whiteflies.

Chess® acts by contact and ingestion and is translaminar and systemic.


Active Ingredient: Pymetrozine

Formulation: Water Dispersible Granules

Mode of Action:

Chess® provides immediate crop protection through permanent feeding inhibition of insects. It binds to the neuronal receptors, which act on the nervous system creating a nervous inhibition of feeding capability in the insects. This action also prevents the aphid transmitting virus material into the plant.

First symptoms are visible after 15 minutes. Insects withdraw their stylet and stop feeding within 1 hour. Aphids do not feed again but remain on the plant leaf for several days and die by way of starvation.

Chess® is characterized by its upward and downward translocation.

Main Benefits of Using CHESS®:

 Chess® is a crop quality enhancer :

   - Excellent crop tolerance

   - Preserves commercial value of the crop

   - In line with modern requirement of the food chain

Chess® is an excellent tool for IPM and IRM programs:

   -Highly selective for beneficial insects

   -Low impact on the environment

- Chess® with its WG formulation allows ease of use as it does not produce dust while measuring and mixing.

Local Recommendation: 




LOCAL PHI (days)

Cucumber Aphids 80 gm/feddan 3
Potato Aphids 80 gm/feddan 7
Phaseollous Aphids 80 gm/feddan 21
Tomato Whitefly 240 gm/feddan 3