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Fusilade Max Syngenta

Fusilade Max 125 EC

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Selective Herbicide

Reliable Grass Weed Herbicide Control

Fusilade Max® is the trusted partner for many growers around the world providing improved crop yields and grass weed control in a wide range of crops. It combines the efficient control of both annual and perennial grass weeds with a high margin of crop safety.

Fusilade Max® can be tailored to suit individual field conditions. With varying dose rates and flexible crop timing the grower can target grass weeds and volunteer crops to optimize weed control and increase profitability. Globally it is used in more than 150 crops.


Active Ingredient:  Fluazifop-p-butyl

Formulation:  Emulsifiable Concentrate

Mode of Action:

Fusilade Max® is rapidly absorbed into the leaves of target grass weeds and translocated to the site of active growth where it disrupts cell division. This quickly stops further growth and prevents yield loss (from weed competition) in the crop.

Sprayed grass weeds turn yellow and die back over a 1-4 week period depending on climatic conditions.


 Main Benefits of Using Fusilade Max®:

Fusilade Max®is a flexible and highly selective with a wide application window.

Fusilade Max®works in tillage situations readily tank mixes with complementary herbicides that extend the range of control to broadleaf weeds.

Local Recommendation:

Local Recommendation:

Tomato Total Grasses 1.5 L/Feddan 28 days
Ground Nuts Total Grasses 1.5 L/Feddan 56 days