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Pepite Technology

The brand name Petite is given by Syngenta to a type of formulation using the fluid bed manufacturing process. It enables the active ingredient to be the most efficient, most selective, most stable, easiest to handle and safest for the end user. This method produces water-dispersible granules (WGs) that have positive use characteristics compared to other formulation types.


Safe to User

- No dust (reduced inhalation risk).

- As Petite is hard and compact, hands remain clean.

- No solvents needed.

Easy to Handle and to Dispose of Canister 

- Easy to pour a 5 kg canister.

- Product dissolves immediately in water.

- Packaging disposal: packaging remains clean (total emptiness)

- No waste of packaging through high concentration.

Storage Conditions

- No sedimentation.

- Suitable for Mancozeb that is susceptible to be promptly degraded by air.

Optimized Efficacy 

- Very small particle size of Mancozeb (important for contact)