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Create the difference with LOK + FLO

The reason for REVUS delivering consistently reliable disease control lies in its unique property: the LOK + FLO action. This combination of three ways of action differentiates REVUS from the current market standards.

Highly Active
Mandipropamid is intrinsically highly active and delivers powerful disease control at low application rates. It is very effective in inhibiting spore germination. It also inhibits mycelial growth, haustoria formation and sporulation. The powerful performance of REVUS provides growers with a healthy crop and high yield of top quality.

Bonds Quickly and Strongly
Once applied to the field, Mandipropamid bonds quickly and strongly to the waxy layer of plant surfaces and will not be washed off by rain. As soon as the spray liquid has dried (approximately one hour after spraying) Mandipropamid provides excellent disease control independent of weather conditions. The excellent rainfastness of Mandipropamid, has been proven in numerous field trials all over the world.

Gradually Filtering
Once Mandipropamid  bonds to the waxy layer it continuously filters through the leaf tissue and through this translaminar movement protects both sides of the leaf tissue. Over time small amounts of the active ingredient are taken up into the plant tissue to also combat disease development inside the leaves. LOK + FLO action assures reliable, long lasting preventative disease control.