KAHA Station Development & Training Activities

We ensure that the safety of our products is a key part of product development.

All crop protection products are regulated by government authorities in the country. Authorization for use is based on a rigorous risk assessment that must show that the product is safe to the operator, the consumer and the crop, when used according to the recommendations on the label.

In KAHA Research Station, the development team focuses on studying efficacy and crop safety under local growing conditions as well as the most efficient application of the chemical to ensure sustainable use of the products. 


We provide industry-leading training to ensure human and environmental safety whilst encouraging sustainable farming practices. 

 KAHA Research Station is the Center of Excellence in Drip Irrigation for the Africa and Middle East Region.  Expert staff in the Station provide extensive trainings in the application of fertilizers and crop protection chemicals through irrigation systems.

Trainings are also provided in the safe and efficient handling of the crop protection products during storage and application. Furthermore the Station also teaches state of the art field trial techniques to many internal and external customers of the Region.