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Increasing Yields through technology

A worldwide step-change in farm productivity is needed to meet the increasing demand for food, feed, and fuel resulting from the world’s rising population and growing prosperity in emerging markets. With innovative products and technology, Syngenta makes an essential contribution.

Global population is expected to exceed 9 billion in 2050, compared with nearly 7 billion today. This rise – combined with the effects of climate change and soil erosion – is putting stress on already limited resources. The available fertile farmland per person in 2050 is predicted to be less than a third of that in 1950.

Without crop protection products, it is estimated that 40 percent of arable food crops would be lost to pests each year. The breeding of high value seeds enhances plant characteristics that increase vigor and provide protection to increase yields.

Access to these technologies is vital if farmers are to maximize the yield potential of their crops. Without technology, existing farmland cannot meet the needs of a growing world population.