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Improving Crop Quality

Higher crop yields are essential, but it is not enough just to grow more. Higher quality is also important to maximize the value of the crop and to meet rising consumer expectations. Syngenta helps to provide high quality crops to the benefit of growers and consumers.

Farmers want seeds that provide high yielding, vigorous and reliable crops that can withstand crop stresses. Syngenta seeds are bred to meet these requirements. High quality field crops not only provide the assurance of reliability for growers, but also make their produce more attractive to food producers. This means these higher-value crops enable farmers to increase their incomes.

In fresh produce, quality is particularly tangible for the consumer. Research into consumer tastes helps develop vegetables with more appealing flavor and appearance. Staple crops can also be enhanced to provide increased nutritional value.
By focusing on understanding and catering for consumer demands, Syngenta is also helping increase farmers' livelihoods by opening up new higher-value markets for their quality produce.