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Switch 62.5 WG Syngenta

Switch 62.5 WG

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A Top Performer Fungicide That You Can Rely On


SWITCH® offers growers a top rate solution against Botrytis in grapes and other important diseases in fruits and vegetables. The combination of two highly effective active ingredients not only provides excellent diseases control but a also a solution for resistance management.



Active Ingredient: Fludioxonil and Cyprodinil

Formulation: Water Dispersible Granules 

Mode of Action:

SWITCH® contains two active ingredients, fludioxonil and cyprodinil, which have totally different, unique and new modes of action. SWITCH® attacks the pathogen at four different sites. It inhibits germination of the spore, the growth of the germ tube, the penetration into the plant and the growth of the inter and intracellular mycelium.

It protects the leaves and fruits from outside and inside.

Fludioxonil is the residual component of the mixture. It stays mainly on the leaf and fruit surfaces. It shows good performance even at high temperatures.

Cyprodinil is the systemic partner which because of its lipophilic properties, is easily uptaken into the cuticle and wax layers of leaves and fruits. From there it continuously distributes and penetrates into other plant parts.

Main Benefits of Using SWITCH®:

SWITCH® gives double security in one product, controlling all known strains including those sensitive to market products.

SWITCH® guarantees high quality yield: It provides high flexibility in application timing and use rate.

SWITCH® integrates well into disease control programs.

SWITCH® is easy and safe to handle with its dust-free WG formulation

Local Recommendation:











Fruit Rot 50 gm/100L 21
Strawberry Fruit Rot 75 gm/100L





 (Not less than 300 gm product per feddan, regardless of the water spray volume and the sprayer equipment)